Monday, September 24, 2012


Chateau De Versailles:

Our first full day in France was spent at the beautiful Chateau De Versailles. I love Versailles, if they would let me move in I would. Every time I go to Versailles its like seeing it for the first time, it is so amazing! We rented bikes right when we got there and biked all over Versailles. Just in case you were wondering who we are...I am talking about my fabulous brother Bryan and I. Alex had to stay home, so sad....grad school is a bitch! 

City of Paris:

It was seriously so hot in Paris...well like high 80's. Which was nice but not for my sweating feet, oh did I get the blisters. I had to buy a pair of the ugliest flip flops until I could find some cute scandals. Bryan made fun of me, along with the french women...well that is what he said. I will not be sharing those pictures. Bryan did get a video of it and will be showing the family one day. We also ate our faces off, I had at least two croissants a day and Bryan had at least one baguette a day. 
Oh Paris you are fabulous!! 

Giverny, France. Claude Monet's Home:

Claude Monet's home was amazing. Giverny is about hour and a half outside of Paris. It is worth seeing people....the home itself is beautiful but the gardens and the lily ponds are breath taking. You really see where he got his inspiration from. Monet was one of the first artist to paint outside, most artists of his time painted in a studio. Monet Painted outside to be able to see how the sunlight changed during the day and how it bought new life to everything, like the water, flowers, boats etc. We had a wonderful time in France and to be honest Bryan and I do not speak french very well....not a big surprise there! We laughed our heads off trying to communicate though, they were probably laughing too. I am so happy that I got to share this experience with my big brother! 
Stay tuned for pictures from London.

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