Tuesday, October 2, 2012

London town

The first day Bryan and I arrived in London from Paris, I got yelled at by a British woman. So of course I yelled back. Bryan told me to be quiet of course and you know me.... Anyways, after that we made it to our hotel which was in the Bloomsbury area, right next to Bryan's school. Which is Sotheby's Art Institute of London, he is studying art business.

Here is Bryan in front of his school. I asked him if he would show me the special stomp to get in and he said no...so rude! Harry Potter would have told me....it looks like the order of the phoenix house. I sent my Mom an email with these pictures and I said Bryan was attending Sotheby's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she asked what the hell he was doing there? Oh my Mom is amazing, Bryan and I had a good laugh. Bryan will be graduating with a degree in wizardry and art business Mom.

The weekend before Bryan had his first classes, we did a lot of site seeing and walked our little butts off. It was the perfect temperature out, I even got a little hot. Bryan said I looked like a tennis ball walking around London, and thank god because he could always find me.

I was alone a couple of days in London while Bryan was at school but I kept busy. I took the tube all by myself. I did see a rat, and I got a little freaked out. I was looking around to see if anyone cared but no one even noticed. I went to Harrods......holy smokes!!! I want to shop there and live there, I walked around with my mouth open like a total creeper. It had the most amazing clothes I have ever seen, straight from the runway to Harrods! Well, London is an amazing city and I feel like there is a lot more to see, good thing Bryan will be there for a year so maybe Alex and I can make it back there. I am happy to home with my loves and we are getting ready to move. Yes we are moving to our new duplex in the city next month..YAY!! 
Well cheerio!

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