Friday, May 17, 2013

The Right to Bare Arms

 Top and skirt: Nordstrom, Bag: Anthropologie, Flats: Nordstrom (old), Heels: Anthropologie 

This is my way of going from day to night...just changing my shoes. I went from flats to heels..simple! So Nordstrom has this new section or maybe not new but new to me called Savvy. That is where I got my skirt and top, cute and inexpensive! So meet our new baby boy Bruno Dino Hardie, we got him when he was 8 weeks old and now he is 4 months old. Where has the time gone....well have a happy Friday everyone.


  1. I love the color combo of this outfit. xx

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    1. Hello Anouchka,

      Thank you for your very sweet message. I could not find the floral blazer sad! But here are a few blazers you may like.

      Hope you find a fabulous blazer...take care!

      Modern Frank aka Jen