Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New York Weekend

 The first day was a little rough in New York...we had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep, if that. Our flight was delayed 4 hours in Denver and when we finally took off, LaGuardia Airport had closed for maintenance. We ended up in New York early Friday morning, so we slept a few hours and went out on the town. We had a fabulous lunch at Bryant Park Grill and then went to the Empire State building to check out the amazing views....what a wait though! 

 Friday night Alex and I went out for a nice dinner and then went to see Kinky Boots, a new Broadway show. It was AMAZING!!! It was fun, flirty, magical and sent a great message! We loved it so thank you Sandy for recommending the show! 

On Saturday we met up with my dear friend Lili and her wonderful boyfriend Nate for a bike ride around the city. We started in West Village and rode up to Central Park. The park is amazing! Later we rode back down to Soho and walked around. Lili took us to see Carrie Bradshaw's fun! That night we went out to Brooklyn to meet up with Lili and Nate for a nice NY pizza was so good! After that, Nate took us to his work which had an awesome roof top deck and we had an amazing view of the Williamsburg bridge. We did go out late...crazy right me stay out late but that is what you do in NY! 

 We had a great short weekend in New York, I loved spending time with my Lili. She is an amazing person and I loved seeing how she lives out there in NY! We will be back and next time we will stay a little longer! Thanks Lili and Nate!

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