Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Color me pretty...

Its finally getting warm in Denver and I get to bring out my spring clothes. I love this time of year, you can wear cute spring dresses with boots and not be to hot. I love my girl scout boots, as I call them...they are a good alternative to the riding boot. They feel similar to a riding boot to me....also these boots are by Holding Horses. So maybe that could be the reason too...ha!!

Boots: Holding Horses, Dress: Anthropologie (similar here)

My fabulous cousin Sandi has given me some advice for my blog and I hope you enjoy it more. My blog is here for you and for me. It is to inspire you, I get inspired by women everyday. Women I work with, women I see in the city and of course my amazing stylish friends. Its for you to want to get up and put on something that makes you feel like taking over the world or at least making it to work on time without spilling your coffee. Having that feel good moment!! Some other blogs I get inspired by are This Time Tomorrow, Late Afternoon, M Loves M, Atlantic Pacific and Life Interlaced. Please take some time and check out these blogs, honestly you will be addicted like me. 
Have a great Wednesday!